Didn’t get my financial mgmt skills from either of my parents

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Seriously. I am so sick of managing my mother’s finances. I’m about to start giving her an allowance because I am ALWAYS bailing her out of shit and giving her money because she has overdrawn shit. WTF. I swear since she has moved here, she thinks she is this super old lady….like she is 85 or some crap. She is 60. Freaking 60. You’d think she’d learn some lessons after all this time. And when I try and give her some advice, she just acts ignorant and unaware. Sometimes it is like talking to a 6 year old. If her finances spiraling out of control didn’t have such an effect on my life, I’d let her do whatever she wants. But that isn’t the case. I need to bail her out every time. So if she wants to act like a trust fund baby, then I’ll treat her like one. I’m going to develop an allowance plan for her. So stupid……but I have to do it because I need to keep rearranging my finances to accomodate her. DONE. I am D-O-N-E with it.


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I have stress. Just stupid life stresses really, nothing serious. I need to write more. I’m happiest when I write because that is how I deal with stuff. I write and vent about it. It isn’t an accurate portrayal of my life…just a little peek inside. So let’s try this again. Months go by and I say I’m back……then I go unheard from. Well let’s try.

My marriage is going really well. However, the more I get to know my husband, the more I get to know certain things he does. Like I can tell when he is lying. I can tell when he is nervous to tell me something because he slaps he hand around a lot on whatever surface is near by…counter, couch, and dog.  I kid about that last one.  I know when he is dreading to tell me something because of how he starts out the conversation. Just now he decided to tell me about his Facebook friend from high school. Apparently they’ve been chatting. She and her husband come up to DC from time to time, so they’ve always talked about getting drinks. He says it was all out in a public forum, but I’ve never seen mention of it on his profile. Whatever though (annoyed wife response). Well he is going to Tampa to live it up with his boyfriend in a few weeks, and I’m sure they’ve been trying to contact everyone they know to try and relive their high school days. He said that he just got an email from this said friend’s husband saying “no drinks with my wife dude”. I said well where did he get this from when you said you make clear mention of each other’s spouses, eventhoughIcan’tseeit, involved in this meet-up? He said he’s an insecure douche. Well maybe, but I bet he’s a smart cookie who can read between the lines.

I don’t care much about his alter-ego that I’m sure flirts with anything with B-cups or higher…but it is somewhat embarrassing when someone else’s spouse calls you out. Or I could be totally wrong…and the guy could be an insecure douche. Lord only know there are plenty of them out there these days. Me? Eh. I’m far too wise to care about stuff like this anymore. I just blog about it because…slightly annoying that at 33, I’m dealing with this 90210 crap. Well not really dealing…just listening to my husband tell me because I’m sure he’s expecting insecure douche to send me a message as well. lol

I have more important arguments these days like who does (or doesn’t) do the dishes in my house. That is what is important to me at age 33. A clean kitchen!

New Job!

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I recently left my job of almost two years, along with my company of four years. Bottom line, the company doesn’t care about career progression very much, and only seems to be concerned with filling open contracts with bodies. Also? I couldn’t take working in the environment I was working in. I loved my customers, my job, and all of my coworkers. However, my boss was the one factor that I finally had enough with.

It started a few months back when she pulled me aside and said a social acquaintance of mine that works in the office next door was “lurking after me” and she thought I should know. Well said social acquaintance happened to be coming to my house the following weekend with his wife and children. I figured I should do the right thing by going to him and getting his side of the story. So I did. It was a really awkward moment…one of the most I’ve ever had professionally, but I knew as soon as I saw the look of horror on his face that it was totally untrue.

We started to figure out the pieces of the puzzle and figure out why this boss of mine would say this. He actually ended up talking to the other people that were in the room at the time of the “mix-up” (I use that term VERY loosely), and found out some interesting things. All witnesses to this incident said she came in and started randomly talking about the size of my chest and how sorry she feels for me. Ummm 34D? She said that she knows all the unwanted attention I get because of it makes me insecure. Oh really? I’ve had these bad boys for well over a decade (in this size anyways), and I think I’ve learned to deal with any “issues” that may come up due to them. Plus, let me throw in there, I am NOT insecure in the slightest way about their size. Witnesses to this matter actually said that they were certain there was a jealousy issue going on with boss person. I guess someone made a joking comment about my social acquaintance lurking after me, but he wasn’t even in the room. And all the witnesses involved said it was clear that the person who made the comment was joking. Guess boss lady didn’t see it like that (Or just wanted to be a 90210-drama queen).  How unprofessional though?! To be a site lead and go to your customers taking crap about one of your employees and then starting rumors? Sad.

I ended up having to confront the boss about this as I was seriously contemplating taking this matter to corporate. It was an interesting conversation, and she immediately apologized, as well as apologizing to the person she said was lurking after me. She made it clear she was only looking after my best interest though. Yeah, whatever it takes to cover your obnoxious self.

So that was the beginning of the end for me. She is a micro-manager, and needs to be involved in every process. In addition, she comes in the office and hangs out for hours on end when we clearly had work to do. I just couldn’t take working like that…or for someone like that anymore.

It worked out well though as I ended up getting hired on with a company that made Forbes magazine’s list of Best 100 Places to Work for the 5th year in a row, and I moved into management. However, that is another issue in itself as I have a lot of disgruntled people in my new office. In addition to reworking technical procedures, I really need to focus on morale. Different post entirely.

That is what happened with my boss though and the beginning of the end of my time with that company. I’m sure I could have moved elsewhere in the company, but like I mentioned before the company just doesn’t care about their people. Oh well…onto bigger and better things to include a better company, more pay, and a better title.

I’m baaaaacccckkk!

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And I’ve changed the name because I’m going to get “serious” about my blogging again. Ha! Nah, I just didn’t like plain jane “Jlynn’s Blog”, and I gave it some thought. I am not always perfect, but I sure do try. So I searched out the domain www.notalwaysperfect.comand low and behold, it was available. Why do I feel the need to own the domain name of my blog? I’m narcissistic like that I suppose. But really, I like blogging. I like writing whatever comes to mind. The funny thing about looking back on my blogs over the years is the interaction with all the people, and all their love, advice, and criticism. What people remember is that there are always three sides to every store. My side, the other side, and the right side. The way I tell my side of things may not always be how it actually is…just how I perceive it. And I just got so caught up in giving a shit about what everyone else thought. But you know I have had an interesting life, and a lot of crappy things that I’ve allowed to happen in my life, as well as lot of good. So the history and archives I shall leave in place as they are part of my life, my background, and who I am today, but onto the next chapter of my life. And NO PERSONAL PICTURES this time! 🙂 Oh happy day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I AM America’s Next Top Model

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We have another season of ANTM kicking off. Yes, I still watch this horrific show. I just can’t help it. My 20 something self wanted them all to make it so badly. Even my 30 year old self was cheering for my favorite girls. Now? I simply watch just to make fun of them. OK, I always did that, but I had other reasons as well. Now it is simply to make fun. This season takes the cake. It really does. To be continued.

Freaking Lion King

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My mother got us tickets to see the Lion King for our anniversary. They are in DC the entire summer, and sold out right away. Well, it turned out that we could not go the night she had gotten us tickets, and we advertised on Craigslist to see if someone wanted to trade our Tuesday night tickets. The only interest we sparked was by someone who couldn’t go on Saturday, August 9th. Well great! Tuesday for a Saturday? We are in!

Ha. I should have known better. August 9th happens to be the Saturday that falls on the weekend of our six and ten year old nephew and niece visiting us. So now we are in a scramble to find two more tickets to Saturday’s show. I bid on a pair on Ebay, but then realized that it doesn’t end for another two days. There are a few other tickets on Ebay that I could buy now, but it ends before the first auction I got in on. I suppose I could buy two sets and then sell the extra two, but I didn’t want this much hassle. So if anyone has tickets they want to get rid of, let me know!!!

Car Accidents Suck

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Funny but I hardly ever drive to work. I normally slug. Thursday I drove in because I took Molly to daycare. I was two blocks away from work, and some careless prick decided to do a u-turn without looking in the lane next to him. I happened to be in the lane next to him, and he hit my front right side. I didn’t even see it coming, and when my car stopped spinning, I burst into tears. This guy gets out of his car, and runs over asking if I am ok. He tells me he is calling 9-1-1. I told him I was ok, just shook up really. Just the cops, but no medical. Now he is on the phone with his lawyer. I’m trying to move my car to the side of the road since it is blocking both northbound lanes, but it won’t move. It’s pretty darn screwed really. His car won’t move either, so I let him and the witness direct traffic while I try and call my husband who is in Seattle on business for the week. The cops finally show up, and we do the routine reports while the towing company rounds the corner to take our smashed up vehicles away.

Once our cars were loaded on the flat bed, I got the paperwork I needed from the cop. He informed me that old boy was getting cited for a few things to include illegal u-turn, and I may need to go to court to testify. Great. Another day wasted.

I walked down Crystal Drive heading towards my building realizing that the next six hours were really going to suck. When I got there, I told my boss that I needed to go to the ER. Once the adrenaline wore off, I realized my entire right side was starting to ache and throb. First, I had to get the claim process started, and find out about a rental. The guy’s insurance company reacted really quickly, and I was in a Toyota Highlander before I knew it. Next up, the ER. I got to hang out there for about four hours. They wanted to run all kinds of x-rays and what not to make sure I was okay. I kept telling them I just needed a prescription for some Flexeril. The doctor finally agreed it was just tense muscles, and gave me my piece of paper along with a pill for the road. I had about an hour or so to make it home before I knew it would kick in. Off I went to pick up Molly before 7pm.

I was very pleased when I arrived and got a good report for her day. She’d been there about nine hours, and played nice with all the other dogs. No riots this time, so she won’t be banned just yet.

Once I got home, I was out for the night in about an hour and a half, which was actually great because I don’t sleep well without TheBoy there.